About Renovate

Renovate was founded as an open source project in 2017 by Rhys Arkins, to help software developers keep their open source components up-to-date with minimal effort. Over time commercial offerings were added, like a GitHub application and a self-hosted solution.  

In November 2019, Renovate joined the WhiteSource family and was renamed WhiteSource Renovate. WhiteSource declared its commitment to continue to enhance and promote the Renovate open source project, which to date has received over 5,000 commits from more than 150 contributors. Furthermore, WhiteSource has also decided to change the paid offerings to free and add additional features. Currently, WhiteSource Renovate includes an open source project (a command-line tool), a GitHub app, a GitLab app, and a self-hosted solution.

Security Disclosures

If you have found any possible security problem with Renovate, please raise it confidentially with us by emailing security@renovatebot.com. Please *do not* create any Issue on GitHub.